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The Resistance

Louis-Amand Bugeaud (1701-after 1761)

Some Acadians participated, in 1760, in the battle of the Restigouche, the last attempt by the French troops in North America. After the fall of Québec in 1759, France sent a last expedition to the aid of its troops. In May 1760, three ships loaded with food and munitions reached the Restigouche River, where Acadian refugees and Mi'kmaq families were already waiting. British troops caught up with them in June and the French lost the ensuing battle that took place. Louis-Amand Bugeaud, born in Minas, and his son Amand-Louis participated in this battle, the father as militia Captain and the son as Lieutenant. In 1761, the Bugeauds and other Acadians who were still in Restigouche, signed a number of letters requesting provisions from the British authorities. The British finally answered by sending a new expedition to disperse or imprison the 800 Acadians who remained in the region.
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