Havre-Aubert (Île-du-Havre-Aubert)

The Magdalen Islands and more precisely the Havre-Aubert region, were colonized as early as 1765 when a Nova Scotia entrepreneur and former military man, Richard Gridley, convinced 17 Acadians, some along with their families, to come to the Islands to hunt for walruses. Hence, the Boudreau, Chiasson, Cormier, Desroches, Doucet, Haché, Lapierre and Poirier families left île Saint-Jean (Prince Edward Island) and moved in Havre-Aubert. Later, in 1792, a large group of approximately 250 Acadians arrived from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, fleeing from British authorities. Today, the Magdalen Islands' Acadian population is proud of its heritage.
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