Close to one thousand Acadian deportees arrived in England as early as 1756. They were detained there until the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Most were dispersed in Bristol, Liverpool, Falmouth and Portsmouth. Their living conditions remained very precarious and many succumbed to different epidemics, such as smallpox which killed half of the deportees settled in Bristol at a rate of 2 to 9 per day. At the time of their departure for France in 1763, the Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, noted however that with their good behaviour and their work ethic, the "Newtrals" were esteemed by many locals. The majority of Acadians deported to England settled in Belle-Île-en-Mer, the others in Louisiana, in Cape Breton, Pomquet, N. S., Québec or Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
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