Didapages explanation sheet

With Didapages you can create multimedia and interactive books.

Downloading Didapages
To download Didapages, follow these steps:
  1. Go on the Web site http://www.fruitsdusavoir.org/didapages/.
  2. In the Téléchargements section, click on Didapages 1.1 and follow the instructions to download the software.
  3. Didapages is downloaded in a compressed folder entitled Didapages1-1.zip. Save it in a temporary location.
  4. To install Didapages on your computer, double-click the executable file Didapages 1-1 install.exe that is in the compressed folder and follow the instructions.
Using Didapages
  1. To learn the functionalities of Didapages, consult the various tutorial books.
  2. Once Didapages is running, the tutorial books are accessible from the main menu by clicking on Présentation – Didacticiels.
Presentation of the book
  1. Once the students have finished their book, click on the button Générer le livre and save the files created in a folder.
  2. Clicking on the button Générer le livre creates different types of files (html, xml, jpg, swf, etc.). All these files are necessary for the book to work properly.
  3. To learn about the different steps for transferring the book to a Web site, consult the fourth tutorial book entitled Un projet pas à pas, or your Webmaster.