Chart for using historical documents

  1. Identify the document and put it into context
    1. Type of document
      1. Letter
      2. Speech
      3. Article
      4. Report…
    2. Date, place where it was created and place where the document was received
    3. Author(s)
      1. Who was he?
      2. What do we know about him?
      3. What was his title, his position?
    4. Audience
      1. Who was the document's target audience? What do we know about him?
    5. Historical context
      1. What is the context surrounding this document? Does the context help us to better understand the document? How?
  2. Analysis of the text
    1. Objective
      1. According to the student, why was this document written? What was the author's objective (describe, convince, make official…)?
    2. Impact
      1. Long and short term? On the author, the audience?
    3. Concept
      1. Is it possible to draw parallels with concepts seen in class? Which ones, how?
    4. Contribution and interest
      1. Is the document still news?