Paul Mascarene (c. 1684-1760)

French Huguenot, engineer and military man, Paul Mascarene joined the ranks of the British army in 1706. He participated, with Samuel Vetch and Francis Nicholson, in the capture of Port-Royal in 1710. He assumed administrative duties, such as translating into French the documents written by Vetch. In early 1720 as an engineer he oversaw the repairs of the fort of Port-Royal (then known as Annapolis Royal). In 1744, he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Annapolis Royal. When he realised that the British military installations were in poor condition and could not withstand a war with France (which was imminent), he tried to avert a conflict by having the Acadians swear allegiance to the British Crown or at least, their neutrality. Despite all efforts, several attacks took place in the 1740s, some of which were led by Father Jean-Louis Le Loutre and François Du Pont Duvivier. However, these came to an end when Massachusetts Governor William Shirley sent reinforcements.
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