The village of Memramcook was colonized before the Deportation, and then practically abandoned until the middle of the 1760s. Considered by many as "the cradle of the new Acadie", Memramcook was repopulated by Acadians who already knew the region well. In fact, when Jacques and Pierre Léger and Joseph and Jean-Baptiste Richard were released from Fort Cumberland (formerly Fort Beauséjour) after the Deportation, they decided to settle again close to the fertile marshes of the Memramcook Valley. Home of the Acadian renaissance during the second half of the 19th century, many institutions were born there, such as the Collège Saint-Joseph in 1864 and the National Acadian Conventions in 1881. Furthermore, the village of Memramcook is the birthplace of the first Acadian judge, Sir Pierre-Amand Landry and of the first Acadian to become Governor General, Roméo LeBlanc.
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