The Deportation of the Acadians

Role Play


This role play puts you in 18th century Acadie, at the time of the Deportation. You will have to make a series of decisions that will help to demonstrate the anguish and uncertainty associated with the displacement of populations, in this case the Deportation of the Acadians. Through a work of art inspired by the Deportation, you will be able to express what you felt during this role play and what this event means to you.

Start-up question

What does the Deportation of 1755 mean to you? Justify.


Prepare an oral presentation in which you will explain your thoughts on the subject of the Deportation.


  • Do the role play.
  • Using the Stories section: The Arts, identify a work of art (painting, song, etc.) that expresses what you felt during the role play and what the Grand Dérangement means to you.
  • Extend your knowledge of this event by consulting the History section.
  • In an oral presentation, explain why you chose the work of art you did.


Here are a few keywords which you will learn during this activity:

  • Allegiance
  • Assimilation
  • Causality
  • Change
  • Chronologiy
  • Conflict
  • Deportation
  • Space
  • War and peace
  • Identity
  • Migrations
  • Time

Essential and optional resources

Essential resources

  • Role play: The Deportation of the Acadians (Flash | HTML)
  • Web site: 1755: The History and the Stories
    History section; Stories section: The Arts

Optional resources