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Since 1755, many artists have used the Deportation of the Acadians as inspiration for their work. For example, in 1893, painter George H. Craig created a superb piece entitled "La Déportation des Acadiens, Grand-Pré, 1755". This painting is on exhibit at the Musée acadien of the Université de Moncton, along with Henri Beau's "La dispersion des Acadiens", which was awarded the bronze medal at the Paris "Exposition universelle" in 1900.

The theme of the Deportation can also be found in the works of such contemporary artists as Claude Picard and Nelson Surette.

Start-up question

In your opinion, what happened to the characters in the painting? Together with your classmates, create a comic strip that explains what might have happened before and after this scene.


Together with your classmates, use Didapages to create an animated book to present your comic strip.


  • Consult the History section: The Arts to see the piece of art chosen by your teacher.
  • Take part in a class discussion to establish the scenario for the comic strip.
  • The class will then be divided into groups. Each group will be responsible for creating a part of the animated book.
  • The completed version of the animated book will be made available on-line.


Here are a few keywords which you will learn during this activity:

  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Deportation

Essential and optional resources

Essential resources

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