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Les familles

Les familles



La famille Samson
Hello, my name is Lena Samson. I am Henri à Sylvère's daughter and I live in Little Anse. I was born in Samson's Cove, about half a mile from where I live now. My family is a big family. My grandfather, Félix Samson, he got married with a girl from Cap Auguet and, no from L'Ardoise, and to tell you the truth, she was his third cousin. They had seven children and she died after the seventh child. So he married again in four months to a girl from Cap Auguet, a Boudreau girl, Lucie Boudreau, and she also was a cousin to him, second cousin removed, once removed. So there's a lot of intermarriage in our family. They had 20 children. So between the two of them, they had 27, that's a lot of, a lot of family to feed. Fifteen or sixteen of those children lived to be adults and got married, and they all had families, ten, twelve, eighteen children. So you can imagine that there's a lot of Samsons around. There's also the Martels, we have the Martels. They had big families. The elder of the Martels came from L'Ardoise and a few of them came here. Three of them married brothers, three Samson brothers. One of them was my great-great-great-grandmother and they all have nicknames. The Landrys are Saindoux, we call them and there's a lot of those around. There's also Boudreaus because my grandfa-, great-great-grandfather's wife was a Boudreau, so there's relatives among all the Boudreaus. There's also Landrys. Did I say Landrys before? Yes, I did, and Martels and Boudreaus and Samsons. A few years ago, I found out that my next door neighbour was my cousin. I never knew that she was my cousin because my mother died when I was small and my grandparents and my father never talked about it. Can you imagine finding out when they're all dead that you had cousins who lived across the road? So in doing this genealogy, I found out that I had relatives by the hundreds, in Petit-de-Grat, in Louisdale, in D'Escousse, probably in Arichat, even in L'Ardoise. So on and on, it's something that, and it grows in you. You get so involved in it that you want to continue and continue and continue. To tell you the truth, I had 30,000 names.
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Titre : La famille Samson
Description : Lena Samson parle de son intérêt pour la généalogie.
Sujets : familles
Source : Connections Productions
Langue : anglais
Date : 2007-03-05
Créateur : Connections Productions
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