1955: The Bicentennial of the Deportation

Large gatherings were organised to commemorate the bicentennial of the dispersion of the Acadians. The many bicentennial celebrations that took place throughout the Maritimes and in Québec, the United States and France were the Acadians' opportunity to commemorate their survival. These celebrations served not only as inspiration to the artistic, literary, national and religious sectors, but also allowed Acadians to demonstrate how resilient and dynamic they were. Alongside the numerous religious celebrations, parades with decorated floats, patriotic rallies, plays and concerts showcasing Acadian artists were organised. The celebrations ended on a high note in Grand-Pré on August 15, the Acadian national holiday, with a grand Pontifical Mass that concluded the celebrations of the bicentennial of the Deportation. This was the eleventh large Acadian gathering in the series of national conventions inaugurated in Memramcook in 1881.
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