Objectives of this Web Site

A lot has been written about the Deportation of the Acadians which took place between 1755 and 1764, and this Web site does not claim to cover all aspects of this tragic event thoroughly. However, it does present a brief history of colonial Acadie as well as the key moments of the Grand Dérangement and the Deportation. It also revisits the numerous impacts of this important historical event on Acadian culture and, more broadly, on the North American Francophonie.

In a series of previously unpublished video interviews, women and men from different parts of Atlantic Canada's Acadie recount in their own way the struggles of their ancestors during the difficult years of the Grand Dérangement. This is the first attempt to bring together over a hundred such testimonials. Oral tradition calls upon collective family memories to showcase how the Acadian collective imagination perceives the Grand Dérangement and the Deportation.

The Web site 1755: The History and the Stories also showcases a series of pertinent historical documents, maps, photos, works of art, songs etc., as well as many pedagogical activities for primary and secondary students.