The Mius d'Entremont family
Good day, my name is Chester Muise and I'm from Surette's Island. My father was Léo Muise. His father was Célestin Muise and Joseph Marin. De là c'est, from there it's Anselme à Paul à Jean-Baptiste and he, from there we're looking at Joseph dit Dazy and Abraham and Philippe Muise, sieur, lord of l'Entremont. I am from Surette's Island and I'm truly a native from that area because I've lived there all my life and built two new houses on that island. Surette's Island started around 1801 by two brothers, Surettes, Frederick and Baramé Surette. My father was a lobster fisherman and so was his brothers. He had two brothers, his younger brother, unfortunately, went fishing one day and didn't come back. His body was never found. He drowned. My oldest uncle, my father's brother and his father had an experience and maybe I can tell you this story. They were off of Shelburne, in south west Nova Scotia, and they were about 50 miles and they had been fishing for ten days looking forward to come home on solid ground and the captain, Captain John Simms hollered "there's a submarine surfacing alongside of us". And by and by, they hoist up the flag and there was doubt that it was the German flag and scared of what was gonna happen, eventually the officer came on deck and inquired them to take their dories and come alongside the submarine. My grandfather, Mondé Muise, which was one of the oldest of that crew, crew of 18, went with the, was ordered by the captain, the German officer, to come aboard or come alongside the submarine with the captain which they did. So, when the rest of the crew saw their chance they decided to start rowing towards land. They each had a compass aboard the boat. They were 50 miles, so they were rowing towards land and my uncle Cyrus would have been turned just 17 that same month and you can imagine, only imagine, you know, how fast they were rowing when they saw their chance. When they came back, they said they was gonna blow up their ship, their schooner. So my uncle was telling me that he was about 3 miles out before he heard the explosion, and the schooner went down aft first, and from there they arrived in the area of Shelburne about 24 hours thereafter and my grandfather, Mondé Muise and the skipper John Simms, only came about five hours after because they were older and there was only two to do the rowing, which there was four in the other dories. So all in all, they were all disappointed about not being able to share their fish that they had in the boat. They figured they was gonna share about 83 dollars per man. So they had lost all of that but at the same time they were fortunate to, talking to one another saying that they were still alive because they could have blown up the boat with them in there.
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Title: The Mius d'Entremont family
Description: Chester Muise from Surette's Island, N.S., tells the story his grandfather's encounter with a German U-boat during World War II.
Subjects: families; villages
Source: Connections Productions
Language: English
Date: 2007-02-19
Creator: Connections Productions
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