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1 Benoit and Vincent families
Benoit and Vincent families
in French

Notes concerning the marriage of Abraham Benoit and Angélique Vincent, married in 1732

2 General plan of the Acadian colony, 1773
General plan of the Acadian colony, 1773
in French

Plan of the "Acadian Line" near Archigny, France, as drawn up by Vincent Amirault in 1773

3 Vincent and Gaudet families
Vincent and Gaudet families
in French

Genealogy notes on Pierre Vincent and Anne Gaudet's descendants

4 d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin family
d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin family
in French

Letter from Jean-Vincent d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin to the inhabitants of the "banlieue" of Port-Royal, September 3, 1711