Acadian Rally

Word Searches and More


These games (charades, word scrambles, and word searches) were created to help the student become familiar with the Web site. Each puzzle refers to a section of the Web site where the student can go to find the answer, if necessary. The activities can be completed one after the other or separately, in groups or individually, in class or out, allowing the teacher to be more flexible.


  • Present the intended learning results.
  • Present the proposed activity:
    • Setting:
      • This Web site will help you understand a tragic event in Canadian history, the Deportation of the Acadians by the British colonial authorities between 1755 and 1763. It is a complex event that has left its mark on Canadian history.
      • These days, Francophones and Acadians who live in Atlantic Canada still use the term Acadie when talking about the territory where many deportees resettled after 1763. They are a dynamic minority who actively participate in our country's society.
      • This activity aims to make you aware of the resources available in this Web site. Happy discovery!


  • Ask the student to complete the activities:
    • These activities do not require any preparation. Knowledge of Acadian history and the Deportation is very useful but optional.
    • The suggested activities are at different levels of difficulty and include:
      • Ten word scrambles;
      • Two word searches.


  • Have the students become aware of what they have learned as well as the method they used that led to this new knowledge:
    • Did the game help you learn more about the Web site; about the history of the Deportation?
    • Are you satisfied with your work?
  • Ask the student to identify the strategies that helped him become more familiar with the Web site and with Acadian history.
  • Do a whip-around to share students' comments.

Essential and optional resources

Essential resources

  • Answer keys:
    • Word scrambles (PDF | HTML)
    • Word search 1 (beginner): Towns and villages (PDF | HTML)
    • Word search 2 (intermediate): Towns and villages (PDF | HTML)
  • Web site: 1755: The History and the Stories