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The Grand Dérangement and the Deportation in Time

Time Line


Between 1604 and 1713, France and England battled for Acadie. In 1713, with the Treaty of Utrecht, it became a British possession. England always doubted the Acadians' loyalty, as they refused to pledge an unconditional oath of allegiance and instead proposed oaths of neutrality. In 1755, faced with another war with France, the British colonial authorities ordered the expulsion of the Acadians. The Deportation and the Grand Dérangement are two expressions used to describe that event which initiated migrations that only ended for some people in early 19th century.

Start-up question

The Deportation and the Grand Dérangement are two expressions that refer to the expulsion of the Acadians, ordered by the British colonial authorities in 1755. These expressions are generally used without distinction, but do they refer to the same reality or are they two different notions?


Create a time line to help you answer the question.



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