Joseph LeBlanc dit Le Maigre (1697-1772)

Born in Minas, Joseph LeBlanc dit Le Maigre was one of the most active rebels in the decade before the Deportation. His participation was not unprofitable, however, for he was regularly put in charge of supplying the troops during military operations. In 1744, after François Du Pont Duvivier's expedition against Annapolis Royal, he was arrested by the British authorities. He was released thanks to the confusion that reigned in those uncertain times: in a perceived time of peace, his association with the French was not illegal. His second mishap, however, did not turn out as fortunate. In 1746, after having escaped from prison, he rejoined the duc d'Anville who was in charge of reclaiming île Royale and Acadie. Having lost a lot of money during the expedition, he settled in île Royale. After the fall of Louisbourg in 1758, having been reduced to beggary, he settled in Miquelon until 1766, when he left for France.
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