The Bastarache Family Returns

Since their lands of exile were often hostile and offered very difficult living conditions, some deportees tried to come back to Acadie quickly. This was the case of two brothers originally from Port-Royal, Pierre and Michel Bastarache. Deported to South Carolina in 1755, they vowed to rejoin their wives, two sisters who had remained in Acadie, Anne and Marguerite Gaudet. After successfully fleeing South Carolina with other deportees, the two brothers were back in Acadie by 1756. Pierre Bastarache and Anne Gaudet had five children and are amongst the founding families of Bouctouche. Michel and his wife settled in Tracadie, in the Acadian Peninsula, in around 1786. Their nine children's family name was Basque, which was the nickname passed down from their great-grandfather, who was of Basque origin, to their father.
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