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Acadian Rally

Word scrambles

Unscramble the letters to discover the names of important individuals in Acadian history. The clues refer to the Web site, in sections where these individuals are mentioned.

  1. musael ed nialpmahc
    Cartographer, geographer and French discoverer, I explored Acadie in early 17th century.
  2. rebmemout
    Without me, the French would have had a lot more difficulties surviving the first winters in Acadie.
  3. leschar wlarneec
    I am remembered as the person responsible for the Deportation of the Acadians.
  4. phejso nguguee
    I was 14 years old in 1755. After the Grand Dérangement, I settled in Cocagne (N.B.) where I later became a prosperous merchant.
  5. natte chablen
    I am Madawaska's Robin Hood during the 1790s.
  6. nitnelav yrdnal
    I founded the newspaper L'Évangéline in Digby (N.S.), in 1887.
  7. eninotna meatill
    I am the author of La Sagouine (1971).
  8. mrclae-frnçsaoi rchrdia
    I proposed the starred tricoulour as the Acadian national flag during the second National Acadian Convention held in Miscouche (P.E.I.) in 1884.
  9. elnnso tsueret
    A Nova Scotia artist, I have produced a series of paintings depicting scenes of Acadian history.
  10. aiegbrl aeueeljnss
    I am, according to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Évangéline's fiancé.