Quinan, N.S., and the Blanchard family
Hi, my name is Nelson Blanchard, I'm from Quinan a small village on the shores of the Tusket River. I wanted to speak to you today about my dad, since I'm 80 years old it's been quite a while since. When I was small, the way my dad used to feed us and look after us. He was working in a mill for a dollar a day and that dollar he was never paid a dollar. He had to buy from the store of the owners of the mill the value of the dollar. But when they weren't working at the mill, he was cutting logs and making knees, by the way. It's a tree that you use the root of the tree and part of the trunk and it was used to build boats. This was what shaped the, the boat, you know. They would cut and I remember when I was 14 years old, I used to go with my dad and we'd go in the pasture and we'd cut each a knee and carry it home because they weren't very big, maybe six inches wide. The root would be about three feet and the trunk about four feet and we'd square it off, bring it home and sell it. And he would also raise cattle, not many cattle, but we had two cows and we always killed a critter in the fall along with a year old pig. Every fall, we would buy a pig and kill the big one from last year. That would be salted along with deer meat, porcupine, rabbits, and but most of the porcupines and rabbits we would eat fresh. Yes, and we would pick blueberries and ship them to Boston and we would get, if I remember correctly, it would be around 15 dollars, 15 cents a quart we would get from the blueberry, which is quite a few and.
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Title: Quinan, N.S., and the Blanchard family
Description: Nelson Blanchard of Quinan, N.S., tells the story of his father who worked in a sawmill.
Subjects: families; villages
Source: Connections Productions
Language: English
Date: 2007-02-19
Creator: Connections Productions
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