Alexandre Bourg (c. 1671-1760)

Born in Port-Royal around 1671, Alexandre Bourg, dit Bellehumeur, settled in Grand-Pré around 1694. When Acadie became a British possession in 1710, he was appointed notary for the Minas Basin and represented the Acadian settlers of the region before the British authorities of Port-Royal. In 1730, he was appointed King's magistrate by Governor Richard Philipps for the Minas Basin (Grand-Pré region), Pigiguit, Cobeguit and Chignectou, but in 1737, his title was withdrawn by Lieutenant Governor Lawrence Armstrong after Bourg was accused of negligence in his duties. His title was reinstated in 1740 by Paul Mascarene, but was permanently withdrawn in 1744, when he was again accused of negligence and even worse, of having collaborated with François Du Pont Duvivier, then Captain of Louisbourg, in a plot to reconquer Acadie in the name of France.
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